"The time you spend with me is an invitation to just take space for you, to breathe through and listen to the voice of your heart, which would remind you of who you are. Powerful, individually tailored ceremonies create the important, protected space to be able to get involved with you and your needs."


We can work on the following topics

unconscious blockades, foreign energies, energetic cleansing, psychological themes, physical pain, burnout, energy retrieval, love sorrow, chakra cleansing, fear, emotional relaxation, addiction problems, ancestor work, curses, soul retrieval, unconscious patterns, grief, depression, fatigue, stress, house cleaning, relationship problems, shame, anger, listlessness, loneliness, senselessness, and much more.


Shamanism is the gift of the earth to become healthy with nature, because in the world of shamanism we are invited to learn from nature and its natural beings: minerals, plants, animals, elements, visible and invisible helpers on all levels of existence. In harmony with our beloved earth in this infinite cosmos, alive, curious, and with an ethical heart, shamanism teaches us the awareness that we are all magical beings who are not only allowed to be in connection with the primordial power of the great mystery, but also to experience healing through it. This primeval knowledge is stored in all of us and we only need to remember what we are truly capable of.

The shamanic point of view in the development of the health includes areas that are not recognizable with the naked eye and which can not be grasped by the human mind.

A shamanic treatment can restore balance at all levels of man: physical, psychic, mental, emotional, spiritual, unconscious and subconscious.

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"Shamanism is the magic on earth."




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A treatment will take between one and two hours. I recommend to book a treatment of 2 hours for the first treatment with me, so that we still have an intensive pre- and post-treatment discussion.





It creates a space to discuss and illuminate important life questions, blockades or moving topics holistically. Body, mind and soul are seen here as an inseparable whole, and the links are looked at to balance everything.

A shamanic life counseling - RIMAY is Quechua and means to speak - can help you, and invites you to meet with understanding, in all that you are going through right now. 

We look at your issues from an eagle's perspective, from where we can follow all the way back and forth to guide you safely past your blockages. 

It's about self-enquiry. It is about courage to really look at who you are and what hidden patterns are blocking your path to the needs of your heart.


online & persönlich

€ 90,00 / hr.





I also like to accompany your life questions in writing. 


Just send me a letter by e-mail and I will answer you within 1-2 days in order to bring clarity into your important areas.


I look at your themes from an eagle's perspective, from where I bring you new perspectives to better understand your theme.


You can write me in advance what is blocking you in your life and we will agree that you send me a letter with more detailed information, which I will answer in detail.



€ 33,00 / letter





In one session, the body is treated by direct (hands on the body) or indirect (distance between hands and body) hand gestures in conjunction with powerful mantras, yantras or mudras. As a result, the self-healing powers can be rediscovered and a deeper understanding of the current situation, to bring about change.

Sonqo Sonqo is Quechua and means heart. It is our natural state to live in a forceful energy level and it is important to restore this state if we came out of balance.

The forms of therapy that are applied here come from different traditions of healing work:

Shintō REIKI, Metaphysical energy therapy, Indonesian energy therapy, Tibetan energy system, yoga tantra, Egyptian energy therapy, Vedic energy therapy, Hindu energy system

Depending on the person and their individual needs a sensible treatment is formulated to dissolve blockages in the energy flow.

The ceremony, including preliminary and follow-up talks takes about 2 hours.



€ 90,00 / hr.

€ 60,00 / hr.




In a Rumi Ceremony, the body is treated with the stones, and powerful Inca Shamanic techniques. The stones are either placed individually on the body, held in the hand, or the entire stone mesa (see picture) is applied to the body.

Rumi is Quechua and means stone. The treatment that is applied here is an energy & stone therapy in the tradition of the Peruvian high mountain shamans.

In the Andes, live the people of Q'uero ( ancestors of the Incas ), which are still deeply connected with powerful techniques of energy work. Whereas previously only locals were privy to the knowledge of Quero 's this changed as an ancient prophecy talked about a time of great change. This stated that the long- kept secret knowledge is shared in order to enter the golden age of harmony and peaceful coexistence. For Q'eros we live in a universe of living energy. This knowledge can be experienced in dealing with stones that will be applied for intensive transformation processes at all levels.

Sami & Hoocha

The whole world is made up of living energy. If we are happy we live at all levels with a slight energy and experience this as harmonious state. There are the balancing energies - Sami - but also negative heavy energy- Hoocha. Let us ensure that we surround and nourish ourselves with Sami energy we are doing well. Let us admit that negative, heavy energies make us sick we feel bad.
Let us realize that all negative thoughts, conflicts or stress are forms of energy that become noticeable in our bodies as blockades. Let too much of it to act unfiltered to us it will affect our whole energy system away and we get sick.
These energetic arrows, as they are called by the Inca Shamans, can be felt as pain in the body that can be removed with appropriate techniques. The same applies to the mental and psychological levels.
Rumi can provide a holistic transformation at all levels.

The ceremony, including preliminary and follow-up talks takes about 2 hours.



€ 90,00 / hr.






Shamanic tools are playfully combined with the elements of yoga therapy to release stiffness, tension, pain and blockages in the body.

With this treatment, all you need is a yoga mat and your breath. I move your body to release blockages in your body system and will ask you several times to breathe into your blocked areas while I press, treat, massage and stretch the transforming body points.

Through yoga techniques such as pranayama (breathing exercise), mudras (hand position), and mantras (sacred words), your body is set into vibration to allow relaxation.

The shamanic treatments like SONQO and RUMI flow naturally into the sessions.



€ 90,00 /  hr.






are initiations and ceremonies that connect you with your own love energy, by providing you with help, which protects you and supports your processes appropriately.

On the way to our personal responsibility it is important to create our own ceremonies that can strengthen us daily.

Powerful initiations & workshops elevate you to your self-empowerment to create the life you desire, in which you learn to separate yourself from everything that is not good for you to go forward with a loving heart.

It is important that we first get to know each other and that I had at least one shamanic life consultation (also in written form) with you before we can dive deeper into the INITIATIONS in order to prepare you optimally.







"shamanic ceremonies"

Nika Nunnari ist eine in Deutschland lebende Schamanin / Nadine Nunnari ist eine in Deutschland lebende Schamanin. Sie ist sehr dankbar Schamanismus in Deutschland zu leben.

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