"Everything in life is a ceremony to open our hearts to the beauty of life on Mother Earth. Nature is the greatest healer of all, and always has all the answers. I invite you to listen to the voice of the heart, where you will find all the answers when you connect with the heart of the earth".


We can work on the following topics


unconscious blockades, foreign energies, energetic cleansing, psychological themes, physical pain, burnout, energy retrieval, love sorrow, chakra cleansing, fear, emotional relaxation, addiction problems, ancestor work, curses, soul retrieval, unconscious patterns, grief, depression, fatigue, stress, house cleaning, relationship problems, shame, anger, listlessness, loneliness, senselessness, and much more.


Schamanismus in Deutschland: Nika praktiziert seit 20 Jahren in Verbundenheit mit kraftvollen schamanischen Techniken, um Harmonie & Gesundheit zu erhalten.


Ceremonies bring a healthy rhythm back into your life. Harmony can come when you're ready to face your own wound and all that you've attracted.

Shamanic ceremonies then open the gates to another world and level of perception. We are then led by the greatest healer of all: Mother Nature. From her we learn, with her we speak and through this we have access to areas into the cosmos. Only by observing the elements fire, water, earth, air and ether can we heal so much within ourselves if we understand that we are made of the same material as the whole universe. Everything in this world is living energy, and the shamanic ceremonies are designed to bring back simplicity into our lives. We are vibration, frequency and vibration. Each cell vibrates in us, and shamanic ceremonies magically communicate with each cell in our body to bring it back to the correct healing frequency. 

Every human being has the most important prerequisite already with him: his own body, a high-performance and self-healing system.

If we get involved in taking responsibility for our lives, then Miracles & Magic are the normal frequencies in our lives. 


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"What are ceremonies?"




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There are different traditions that I am initiated into and that I like to share with you. Choose a form of treatment and let us vibrate in harmony with Mother Earth. 










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Nika Nunnari ist eine in Deutschland lebende Schamanin / Nadine Nunnari ist eine in Deutschland lebende Schamanin. Sie ist sehr dankbar Schamanismus in Deutschland zu leben.

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