PeTA - animal welfare

PETA Deutschland e.V. is Germany's largest animal rights organisation. They stop cruelty to animals. They establish animal rights. They strengthen compassion for animals.

SEELENFREUNDE - Animal Keeper Coach & Lifecoach Sonja Neuroth

Understanding animals - Why is it so important? 

Sonja helps you to communicate with your animal in all situations.

Also as a Lifecoach she offers you support to breathe more magic into your life.

IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS - Animal Protection

In Defense of Animals makes a difference for animals all over the world through their hard-hitting campaigns, direct rescue, and sanctuary care.

Silva Yoga – Harmonizing body, mind and environment

Based on the tradition of Swami Sivananda, Silva Hatha teaches Yoga in Wuppertal and tries to meet the needs of the individual.

Ecosia - Let's plant some trees!
Make Ecosia your new search engine and plant trees with your searches - for free!

AZIZ SHAMANISM - Peter Aziz – healer, magician and shaman  living in Devon, UK.

He has spent his whole life training in shamanism, healing, yoga, magick, and metaphysics, and learning from the faery kingdom.

4 OCEAN - Cleaning the ocean and coastlines, one pound at a time.

4ocean sells bracelets made from recycled materials. Each bracelet purchased finances the removal of 1 pound of garbage from the sea and coasts. In less than 2 years, 4ocean has removed 2,422,711 pounds of garbage from the sea, and the coasts.

Order your bracelet and help 4ocean clean the seas.

ANGAANGAQ ANGAKKORSUAQ - Melt the ice in your hearts

“Only by melting the ice in the heart of Man does Man have a chance to change and begin using his knowledge wisely.”

Angaanga, shaman, healer, storyteller and carrier of the Qilaut (winddrum), is an Eskimo-Kalaallit Elder whose family belongs to the traditional healers of the Far North from Kalaallit Nunaat, Greenland. He is an internationally respected Elder for the native communities of the Circumpolar Arctic, North and South America, and Europe. He conducts healing circles, intensives, and Aalaartiviit – traditional sweat lodges. Angaangaq is a keynote speaker at international conferences on climate change, environmental and indigenous issues.

PREVENT YEAR ZERO - The most urgent task of our time....
Their mission is simple: to prevent the year zero (the moment when the wild animals of Earth are all extinct) from ever happening. All those involved have decades of experience in sustainability, the environment, nature conservation and animal rights.


Through the production and marketing of various media products such as books, lectures, the now "legendary" and award-winning species protection wall calendar and the MONDBERGE magazine, the Mondberge project generates funds for concrete social aid projects in order to make a contribution to nature and species conservation. To support this project means to help the local people and to contribute to the protection of endangered species of our earth such as mountain gorillas, cheetahs, parrots, tigers or elephants.

Animal Equality - For the defense of all animals

Animal Equality is an international organization, which works together with society, politics and companies to end cruelty in mass animal husbandry.

Panotophia - Your Source for Esotericism, Meditation and Ritual Needs

This esoteric shop offers you a generous assortment, which accompanies you on your own way of self-determination, self-love, self-confidence and self-responsibility. 

“links to likeminded people"

Nika Nunnari ist eine in Deutschland lebende Schamanin / Nadine Nunnari ist eine in Deutschland lebende Schamanin. Sie ist sehr dankbar Schamanismus in Deutschland zu leben.

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