"The time that you can spend with yourself in oneness is

the most precious time you can give yourself."


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02. - 15. May 2020

02. - 15. October 2020

"We spend 10 days in the jungle of Peru."

In the depths of the Peruvian Amazon, a medicinal plant cure offers the opportunity to dive into the jungle, to surrender to the plant world with professional accompaniment and to bring the body into harmony.

Through isolation, contact with nature, a special diet and little physical exercise, we create the basis to initiate deep physical, psychological and emotional changes that promote the well-being of the visitor.


Here you will find information about the procedure:

Amazon Peru - Plantmedicine Retreat - Schedule


positive aloneness in harmony with nature

In a so-called "Tambo" (as shown in the picture above), we may withdraw to master our important processes. Being alone is a crucial key to the success of our cure, because only when you really consciously engage in the inner processes, without distraction from others, the answers that can change our lives come to light. You can choose different time periods to retreat. 7 days, 10 days, 15 days or 30 days.




In order for herbal medicine to do its job, it needs a neutral soil, where it can flow unhindered. So we bring our body to the right condition. Plants work slowly, but they are safe in their successes if we give them time and eat the right food.




There are many master plants that can offer us all different help. "Siete Palos", for example, works on our self-esteem on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, relaxes our nerves, discharges our thoughts, lets us really settle down and illuminates our hearts with joy. Depending on which topic we go into the retreat, the right plant is chosen. Even for serious diseases such as cancer, there are plants that have already freed many people from it.





The most important phase is the time after the diet where you integrate the experienced. It is usually between 15 days and a month, with longer retreats it can sometimes be longer. In this time you should continue to try to adapt to the rhythm of the plant world, so take things slow, which will also be easy after this cure, even if you come back to his everyday life. In addition, you should make the diet at this time so that it supports the further effect of the plant, because if you stick to all the tips that you get for the post-diet, the plant continues to work for several months in us and supports our Development.


Anxiety, alcoholism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, asthma, autoimmune disease, hypertension, burnout, cholesterol, chronic fatigue, Depression, Diabetes, Drug addiction, gastritis, arthritis,ulcers, skin diseases, heart diseases, epilepsy, hormonal disorders, impotence, infections, cancer, liver cirrhosis, menopause, migraine, kidney diseases, rheumatism, thyroid diseases, stress, addictions, sleeping sickness, tumors, tuberculosis ... and more ...



02. - 15. May 2020


02. - 15. Oktober 2020


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The maximum number of participants is 12


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