"I want to invite to powerful ceremonies to strengthen our core, expand our energy and release all that is wrong for us. Thanks for being alive in the same moment. Looking forward to meeting you."



"Connect your heartbeat to the heartbeat of the earth and health will follow."

Every human being has the ability to heal himself.
Welcome to my shamanic ceremonies. I am Nika Nunnari and in recent years I have trained myself to detect and filter stressful physical, psychological, emotional, mental, conscious and unconscious blockages to safely release them from your body system.
We can work on the following topics that will prevent you from leading a
happy and fulfilled life:
unconscious blockades, foreign energies, energetic cleansing, psychological themes, physical pain, burnout, energy retrieval, love sorrow, chakra cleansing, fear, emotional relaxation, addiction problems, ancestor work, curses, soul retrieval, unconscious patterns, grief, depression, fatigue, stress, house cleansing, relationship problems, shame, anger, listlessness, loneliness, senselessness, and much more.
My ceremonies are about our self-empowerment.
The power of self-healing, the very own power within us,
is the strongest medicine there is.
To reactivate it, all we have to do is
harmonize our heartbeat with the heart of the earth

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As soon as you are with me it is only about you and your needs, which would like to reveal themselves to you.


It is the naturalness with which I lead these meetings that helps you address the issues that are really important to you. 

My connection with powerful shamanic techniques, the traditions I have practiced for many years, ensures that you can feel protected and relaxed in the supportive, vitalising experiences that await you at my ceremonies to establish holistic health at all levels.

Feel free to have a look at my articles: Can shamanism help me? and What happens during a shamanic treatment?



A shamanic treatment can restore balance on all levels of the human being: physical, psychological, mental, emotional, spiritual, unconscious and subconscious. If you suffer on one of these levels, it is because you have followed a lifestyle that does not serve you and your needs. The shamanic view of health-finding includes areas that are not visible to the naked eye and are not within the reach of the human mind to free you from your program of suffering.



Here you will find shamanic courses & workshops that strengthen your heart energy and help you to live your life at your highest potential.

In various courses and workshops we connect with the power of nature by learning its language.


The biggest block we need to bridge in our health path is the disharmony between our mind, and our heart. The way back into your heart where both (mind and heart vibration) have room is the way into your health.


The 4 Heart Program is a shamanic natural therapy. This is something for you if you want to change a stressful situation in a period of 1 - 3 months with me. 


People come to me looking for emotional stability or feeling trapped in something they don't want to live, but still attract. Still others seek help because they feel a curse on themselves, or because it seems to them that they live as if they are controlled by others. Some come because they constantly attract the wrong people or situations into their lives, both in partnerships and profession. Many feel that their soul is suffering. Relationship problems, coping with shock issues like death and general loss, like love sorrow that cannot be let go, constant fatigue and lethargy are also issues that we solve together. There are people who have psychological problems, who suffer from depression, addictions or burnout, and others who want to understand a physical illness. There are spiritual seekers and people who want to dive deeper into the world of shamanism

amanda freudenberger


Nika has brought about a sense of peace and understanding to my life that I never thought I would have. Love and acceptance radiate off of her. I am eternally grateful for her 



"This is an invitation to really feel your heart..."

MUNAY is Quechua and means "the universal love energy", SONQO is defined as  "Heart". Thus MUNAY SONQO simply translates to "lovin' heart". But it's also a greeting formula, and it means "heart greetings." 

The "loving heart" is an important mission. If you bring love to your cosmos of experience, your cosmos of experience will vibrate higher, and consequently you will be also more successful, healthier, more powerful and happier. To love is a decision, if not the most important one has to make in one's life.
My ceremonies are designed to remove all blockages that stand in the way of that decision.
"...because if you live with and from your heart, in the rhythm of nature, health will be the natural consequence."



Once you have decided on a shamanic strength session with me, we sit down relaxed and talk about your current topics. Probably we have already communicated before by e-mail or telephone, so that it is now about the deepening. 

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If you want to see me live at my work, you can watch the documentary Alternative Medicine: How does a shaman work? | Heroines. Be true, be you | sixx on my Blog & Youtube page. You can also watch them on Youtube, or directly on the SIXX channel page. 



Next Retreats

02. - 15. May 2020

02. - 15. October 2020


A Plant Medicine Retreat in Peru gives you the opportunity to dive into the jungle and get professional help from the plantkingdom.

I travel twice a year. Be a part of it!

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Nika Nunnari ist eine in Deutschland lebende Schamanin / Nadine Nunnari ist eine in Deutschland lebende Schamanin. Sie ist sehr dankbar Schamanismus in Deutschland zu leben.

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