Dissolve your blocks and start to manifest abundance.




"Workshop with Shaman Peter Aziz"

Schamanismus in Deutschland: Nika praktiziert seit 20 Jahren in Verbundenheit mit kraftvollen schamanischen Techniken, um Harmonie & Gesundheit zu erhalten. Als Schamanin begleitet sie Dich in allen Lebenslagen.

This Abundance Course utilizes shamanic and magickal processes all geared towards releasing poverty consciousness and creating abundance. There are shamanic processes for releasing all shame and unworthiness, for releasing symbiotic guilt and indebtedness to the past, and for forgiving and releasing the father, who is usually our first view of how to bring in the money. This allows us to go way beyond any previous limitations in our abundance.


There are magickal empowerments for opening the channels to abundance, and attunement to Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, and Ganesha for removing all obstacles. It will then be easy to maintain the flow of wealth through simple mudras and mantras.

Who is this course for?

In order to answer this question, we need to understand the different levels of abundance.



The energy of abundance comes down through the crown chakra to different levels. It’s important to focus on which level you wish to create abundance:

So if you feel your life is lacking in one or more of these areas, this course is for you!


This Abundance Course is suitable for the newcomer to shamanism, as well as those who have experience.

Benefits of following this course

Understand the different levels of abundance

Heal the ‘poverty mindset’

Become aware of and heal your blocks to abundance

Release the financial limitations unconsciously set by your father

Learn the 4 dynamics of earning value (so you know if you’re moving in the right direction!)

Understand how the male and female energies balance in each chakra to maximise their power and allow the flow of abundance

Recognise and release the 2 types of shame which undermine your ability to attract abundance in all areas of life

Find and forgive your personal dark secret which you have held as unforgivable

Learn the 7 steps to self-forgiveness

Learn how to spot the dynamics of victimhood or martyrdom - is this you?

Identify the 8 basic weapons of control by which people have taken your power - and take it back!

Identify the laws you have around money

Understand the process of manifestation - and the reason why what you’ve probably been doing in the past has failed

Understand the gift of Gratitude

Work with the Abundance Symbol in the guided meditation: Journey to Abundance

Learn the Tenaga Dalam protection prayers which will remove any dark forces that can interfere with your wealth

Receive the Laskshmi empowerment to draw in abundance

Receive the Ganesha empowerment to remove all obstacles and build a strong aura

Before we can safely build abundance, the creation of poverty needs to be undone. Many people think that poverty is just the lack of abundance, but this is not true. Poverty is an artificial construct. Nature does not know lack. Before poverty was created, there was not the driving need for wealth. Poverty is a conditioning, based on fear, shame and low expectation. We need to heal this before we create abundance.




Our father is usually our first view of how to make money. His level of abundance limits the abundance we allow ourselves, through indebtedness and symbiotic guilt. We resist earning much more than our parents as we are afraid we would make a mockery of their efforts. We need to accept their limitations, forgive them, then cut ties and allow them to be separate from us. We do this in a series of guided meditations.




Having released the father, the animus can come into balance, opening a vortex of power through all the chakras. The power of each chakra depends on the balance of masculine and feminine energies. We explore how these two energies manifest differently in each chakra.


There are two types of shame we need to release: The shame others dump on us, and the shame of our unforgiven mistakes. We use a guided meditation to release the shame dumped on us and release any remnants with a powerful mantra.


To release the shame of our unforgiven mistakes is a lengthier process involving finding a dark secret which we hold as unforgivable. What makes it unforgivable is a broken alliance with some part of ourselves, which may be inner child, soul, spirit or higher self. We heal this through the Journey to Forgiveness meditation.


connection to Higher Self


Wisdom and understanding


Love and joy


money and other material things


Deeper than beliefs, we form laws, which we hold as unbreakable. Beliefs form in the subconscious, and we learn to break them. Laws form in the unconscious, and we punish ourselves when we break them. We often form such laws in early childhood to make sense of the chaos, and to numb the pain.We do a powerful guided journey to find and break the dark law. When this is done, many restrictive patterns will vanish from your life.


With these blocks cleared, you are ready to start the second part of the course - Manifesting Abundance. We begin this with an empowerment which creates a flow to magnetize you into a money magnet.





Dissolve your blocks and start to manifest abundance.

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"Shaman, alternative practitioner, acupuncturist, homeopath and kinesiologist."

Peter Aziz is a shaman, alternative practitioner, acupuncturist, homeopath and kinesiologist. In the course of his 40 years of exploration of the magical world, he has become acquainted with many traditions and techniques:

Pueblo Indians (Mexico), Kahunas (Hawaii), Body Electronics (John Ray), Egyptian Magic, Vortex, Avatar and Sedona Technique, Karate, Aikido, Stav, Javanese Magic, Reiki and much more.


He leads workshops on healing, magic and shamanism where he initiates his students into powerful traditions. In his healing practice, he combines many of these techniques that have specialized in the most difficult cases that could not be cured anywhere else.

Peter works with a variety of problems; physical illnesses, emotional problems and metaphysical problems such as curses, demonic occupations and bad luck. Some clients have no problems, but simply want to increase their psycho-spiritual development to get a better intuition or a closer connection to the Creator.

Who would like to know more about Peter: www.azizshamanism.com


"Abundance Course with Shaman Peter Aziz"

Nika Nunnari ist eine in Deutschland lebende Schamanin / Nadine Nunnari ist eine in Deutschland lebende Schamanin. Sie ist sehr dankbar Schamanismus in Deutschland zu leben.

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